Friday, September 28, 2007

i'm a bobcat

"i'm a whiteford bobcat,"jaylon simms tells me at a recent football game. i've been covering a lot of football this year, like any other news photographer...but this night i was shooting a feature on a 20-member marching band at whiteford high school. jaylon told me he joined the band because he isn't good at sports, but wants to support and represent his school. while others in the band gossiped and giggled, jaylon was on the edge of his seat, rooting for his beloved bobcats.

Friday, September 21, 2007

homecoming be young again. it was milan high school's homecoming tonight and this group of kids were tailgating with hot dogs, country music, a sofa and a case of Big K cola. they were extremely nice kids, unlike the "hooligans" we always associate with younger generations.

senior olympics

this is lou. she's 97 and kickin butt in the the basketball hoop competition of a local senior olympics. she was graceful and a good sport, winning the bronze metal for this event. i hope i can still hold my head up when i'm 97.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

psst...let me out

walked through the alley this morning to my favorite coffee joint ... tim horton's ... and noticed something through a small opening in a an old barn. the tiny opening revealed an old car - 70/80 era and in struck me as if the car was whispering "psst...let me out" as i walked by.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

shirt N tie

it wasn't until i was washing my hands that i noticed, in the mirror, i made a mistake this morning dressing for work. i picked the wrong shirt in the dim bedroom light this morning.. you see lynne bought me this pimp tie with a long sleeve shirt to match, but it was gunna be 80 plus degrees today, so i opted to wear a similar orange/rust colored short sleeve shirt with my new tie ... trouble is red happens to look an awful lot like orange when you've just woke up and aren't with it yet. i didn't realize the mistake until i was already at work and couldn't change. one of my coworkers said the colors "complimented" one another - she was being nice. i'll admit i'm not a morning person ... i often walk out the door wearing dress pants without a belt - the shame!

Monday, September 10, 2007

back from vacation

took labor day week off and spent some time with my parents on barlow lake. great weather ... we were lucky this late in the year, only one rain day. lynne and i did sneak off to grand rapids for a night on the town - in honor of our 5th wedding anniversary (which is technically Sept. 14th - i have to say that, so she knows that i remember) we went to a fancy schmancy restaurant, walked a bit of downtown, stopped at some kind of street festival and then saw a comedy show. the rest of the week was very relaxing by the lake. no cell phone reception ... YES! but plenty of bud lights and great food (thanks mom). papa did take jack out on a boat ride, which i assume he liked - he wasn't real expressive. thanks nini and papa for a wonderful week. here are some pix (of course)