Sunday, February 24, 2008

jack turns 2

happy birthday to my home boy jack. he's 2! can't believe it. for his birthday we told him he was going to be a big brother ... that's right - mrs. bosch and i are having another baby due in september. jack didn't understand the whole new baby thing. i guess he'll figure it out when he hears all the crying.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

purdy pitchur

funny. i call myself a photographer. my job title is "chief photographer." when i call to set up appointments for the staffers i say "my name is bryan bosch, one of the 'photographers' at the evening news." yet i take so very few pictures. i manage the department, which isn't as glamorous, and too complicated to explain every time i introduce myself ... so i just say "i'm a photographer." i wouldn't change my job, its important, nor do i mean to complain. having the job i do means i enjoy weekends off. i enjoy being home with my family in the evenings. i enjoy looking at the great work that surrounds me. when i DO get the change to go out and shoot an assignment i usually try to find something personally rewarding ... even if its a just a pretty snow scene on the drive back from the assignment.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

high and dry

thanks for all the words of encouragement regarding the flooding and all. i'm happy to say all is well. new pump kicking butt, broken underground line temporarily mended, so we're high and dry for the moment. as i write this our five inches of snow is about 75% melted after the inch of rain (that's right more rain) we received this morning. i was very concerned after watching last night's weather report - and was prepared for a day-long fight to keep dry, but the new pump is keeping up with the snow melt ... phew. this crazy winter weather ... yesterday the high was 20, today its 47, tomorrow its forecasted to be low 30 with a chance of snow - what is going on with the weather? could this be evidence of global warming?

Monday, February 11, 2008

bob and melanie

bob and melaine, lynne's parents, renewed their wedding vows along with about 20 other couples yesterday at their church in ionia ... i debated bringing out the big gear for the ceremony, thought it might look a little over the top shoot a big 70-200 with motor drive cranking full balst, but i'm glad i did, i like this moment. they've been married 39 years and are good role models for what being married is all about. no, i didn't say they were perfect, but they sure make it look easy. congratulations, again, mr. and mrs. bennett.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

why do you hate me?

i don't know what unseen force is out to get me, but i have to ask whomever or whatever has a beef with little ole me "why do you hate me?"
after spending the entire day battling flooding, broken pumps, rain ... then sleet ... then snow i finally could rest knowing i'd fixed the pumps and they were keeping up with all the water (see previous post). THEN today i come home from work to this scene. the underground line running from the new pump to the ditch had ruptured and water was gushing to the surface ... the water flooded and eventually draining back to the yard tile, back to the pit and then out the broken line again onto the yard then back the the drain tile - recycling the water instead of pumping it out - so i'll ask again ... why do you hate me?

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

water worries

mother nature is a tough cookie. for two nights we've had hard rain ... on top of 4 inches of snow - so my entire yard is a soupy mess. why is that a big deal? well my yard drains to the same pit my crawl space drains to, so if the pumps don't keep up, the water from the yard will fill up the pit and back-up into the crawl space ... not a good thing. during the second night one my sump pumps went out. it takes two to keep up with the amount of water we've had. so for 7 hours today i battled mother nature. i was under the gun because there is another inch of rain beginning to fall with a forecast for sleet turning to snow with a possibility of 1-4 inches. so i had to get both pumps working before we got hit again for the third time. long story short it took 4 hours for the water you see in these photos to drain and another 3 for me to finish adjusting the pump - which required me rigging up this bucket with holes in it....without the bucket the pump kept clogging with debris from the bottom of the pit - a problem i noticed last year it flooded in mid winter ... ugh! well, since i added the bucket both pumps are running full blast. phew, just in time. i won't say i "beat" mother nature, i'll just say i'm a step ahead ... for now.

Friday, February 1, 2008

old mill

so tonight i was assigned to shoot the grand opening of a new exhibit at the old mill museum in dundee ... well no one came to the opening, i mean NO ONE, unless you count me and the reporter. on the way to the ribbon cutting ceremony, which btw ribbon cuttings are a joke to photojournalists - they're fake and therefore a taboo - hence the "journalism" portion of "photojournalism." anyway back on point ... i was on my way to the ribbon cutting ceremony and i saw this composition. i like the mix of warm and cool light. it ended up being the best frame from the night, so i pitched for the front page, but i'm a little nervous about this being the dominant photo. it doesn't really tell a story, but it will get attention - i'm such a risk taker ... that's sarcasm in case you missed it.