Friday, June 20, 2008

over the ocean blue

went sailing with dave and sue grassley of Monroe - it was unbelievable. the crew was very nice, even though i must have been in their way ... very cool people and they've invited me back to "work" on the boat ... are you kidding me! we'll see - anyway i had a fantastic time - he's a self portrait from the boat and one of the grassley's.

Monday, June 16, 2008

mr buckingham's flag

he doesn't remember where or when he got the flag, but kenneth buckingham speculates he must have taken it off a dead japanese soldier while fighting with the 41st army infantry in the south pacific. he explained enemy soldiers carried flags on them and that they contained names of loved ones and possibly religious text that helped them into eternity ... if it came to that. mr. buckingham had a saber once too, but said he'd given it to a friend in the service, "those navy boys bought everything," he said regarding the value of such items. one story he told gave me goose bumps. once in the mountains on a philippine island his patrol stumbled on a village. they searched for japanese soldiers, but found none, nor any villagers which made them nervous. mr. buckingham searched one of the huts and discovered a saber in the corner of the room with beautiful jewels on its handle. knowing it was rare and valuable he thought of taking it, but second guessed his instincts ... it might be booby trapped he said to himself ... so he passed it up. later, as the patrol retraced theirs steps back to the safety of their own camp they came upon the village, still empty. maybe i'll get that saber after all he thought and went into the same hut, but the saber was gone. he asked every man on the patrol and none had taken it, plus only he had searched that hut and anyone lying would have a hard time disguising what they had taken. mr. buckingham has thought about that day many times since. "i remember searching the room, but i never looked up." he concludes someone was in that room. "if i would have went over and picked that up ... my rear end would have had it,' he said.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

i love my zoo

jack lynne and i went to the toledo zoo today with college friend pam, her husband bob sons evan, braden and daughter ava. it was a perfect day, a little on the warm side, but i won't complain. jack was very excited to see the aquariums ... the fish, otters, seals, ducks and polar bears. my photos aren't that great because he just would not sit still. "oh, that's a big one," he said looking at the seals ... it was so fun to watch and in hindsight would have made a better video. he also enjoyed the train ride and hotdog for lunch - could it get any better jack?

Thursday, June 12, 2008

father rooney

i photographed father rooney today ... he's leaving monroe for another parish in temperance. we talked more than we worked on making a picture and i mentioned i was from west michigan. "ah you're a calvin" he stated confidently, must be there are a lot of Calvinists in west michigan or something ... i told him i was methodist (which was a white lie because i don't belong to a church, but like methodist the best) lying in church ... to a reverend ... i better pray tonight before bed. he told me he's from belfast ireland (he has a gorgeous accent) and preceded to give a wonderful history lesson in religion there and how the methodists kind of acted like neutral Switzerland for both the Protestant and Catholic churches there. i've been pushing myself to take better portraits, i'm happy with this one.

Monday, June 9, 2008

blinded by the light ...

worked last night catching up on some freelance ... i was walking across the empty newsroom when i was suddenly blinded by sunlight - i'm okay, i survived the ordeal and walked away with a picture too.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008


supposedly there is a killer bbq place at the top of this building in monroe, have to try it sometime. i love how old this town feels, especially on a drizzly day.