Wednesday, May 12, 2010

sloppy game

we got over an inch of rain yesterday - nothing Biblical or anything, but it must have bit too much for the Lutheran South soccer field. i started shooting the typical "soccer" photos then the ball would get stuck in the mud about center field. It was a sloppy wet photo extravaganza. i shot over 500 photos (ha ha!), just hoping to get one whip out. and then after 80 minutes of squatting in the wet grass the photo gods gave me a gift - the wipe out i had been waiting for. 30 seconds later the game was over ... phew. at half time i also shot two boys carefully walking through the wet areas surrounding the field on their way back to watch the rest of the game.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

lightning delay

lightning does strike twice in the same place ... three times actually (okay not in the exact same spot but close), canceling my soccer game tonight midway through the second half. on the way to the game i spied this girl hanging out at the concession stand ... i liked the dead center composition.