Thursday, August 19, 2010


while driving in circles in erie trying to find some farmers for a story i saw this in my rear-view mirror and pulled over to take a picture.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Monroe County Fair (2010)

It's fair week in monroe. long, hot days. over and over and over. year after year after year. is it just me or do most photographers hate county fairs? i meet people i know at our fair and they say "oh, you must love your job," i just smile and nod in polite reply, but in my head i'm thinking "you came here voluntarily???" a lot of people do because it's always packed at our fair (but i'll bet you $100 that, other than the 4-H kids, they're not coming back tomorrow). i'd probably like the fair a whole lot more if we didn't shoot 10 hours of it 8 days straight - for the past 10 years i've worked here! don't get the wrong idea ... i do like my job (love may be too strong a word), but i certainly do not"love" the fair - sorry.